After 88 successful years in the Industrial Coatings industry Bristol Metal Spraying & Protective Coatings Ltd have ceased trading. Continuation of service to our customers is important therefore we are pleased to introduce Global Coatings Ltd, your email enquiry will be redirected to them. Global Coatings are also based in Bristol and able to offer surface preparation and industrial coatings to meet your needs, they are currently approved coating applicators to the MOD, Marine, Aerospace, Aviation, Nuclear, Oil and Construction Industries.

Call Global Coatings directly on +44 (0) 117 972 8801

Paint Systems

We apply a complete range of paint systems capable of offering over 20 years of corrosion protection in extreme environments. 

Paint systems provide long life protection to vessels, pumps, valves, pipework, heat exchangers, structural steel fabrications, machinery components, armoured personnel carriers, gun components and much more.

Wet paint systems are employed for both anti corrosion protection and for cosmetic finish purposes from single coat primer applications to multi-coat two-pack systems. 

Polyurethane and epoxy systems can provide protection in temperatures from -30ºC up to 400ºC from splash zone and immersed or sub-sea conditions to desert and aggressive industrial environments.

Paint systems are applied and inspected by qualified operatives (ICATS, ICORR, NACE and TTP) using conventional, air assisted and airless spray equipment. 

Paint Systems

Epoxy Coatings

Water Based Paints

Two Pack Polyurethanes

Micaceous Iron Oxides

Zinc Silicates

Zinc Rich Paints

Fire Retardant Paints