Component Reclamation

Metal spraying is used to reclaim undersized, worn or mis-machined parts in plant and equipment saving 'downtime' and expensive replacement parts.  Worn, mis-machined and obsolete components can be 'built-up' with harder and more wear resistant materials to provide a longer lasting service life, avoiding distortion, heat stresses and damage to adjacent finished locations.

A 'grip' finish is achieved by 'as sprayed' coatings for the paper processing and converting industries.  The fine textured finishes give outstanding grip capabilities with superb wear and abrasion resistance to items such as nip rollers, gripper bars, drive and infeed rollers.

Typical uses; reclamation of shaft journals, rotary bearings, rollers, hydraulic rams and cylinders, crank shafts and journels, internal bearing surfaces, printing and dryer rolls.

We have a capacity to spray and finish items 600 diameter by 4 metres long.  Machining and grinding facilities enable us to reclaim your component from start to finish.