After 88 successful years in the Industrial Coatings industry Bristol Metal Spraying & Protective Coatings Ltd have ceased trading. Continuation of service to our customers is important therefore we are pleased to introduce Global Coatings Ltd, your email enquiry will be redirected to them. Global Coatings are also based in Bristol and able to offer surface preparation and industrial coatings to meet your needs, they are currently approved coating applicators to the MOD, Marine, Aerospace, Aviation, Nuclear, Oil and Construction Industries.

Call Global Coatings directly on +44 (0) 117 972 8801

Plasma and Thermal Spraying

Both plasma and thermal spraying use heat during the spray process to melt metal, ceramic wires and powders to form a coating.

Plasma and thermal sprayed hard metals and ceramic coatings such as Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Oxide, Zirconia, Alumina and abradables are used extensively in the aerospace and motorsport industry to coat components.  These coatings provide thermal barriers, electrical insulation, abradable and high wear resistance coatings, this protection enables components to operate for longer in extreme conditions up to 1500ºC.