Glass Flake, Chemical Barriers, Epoxy Ceramics and Urethanes

Glass flake coatings are hard wearing, offering excellent corrosion, erosion, acid and chemical protection at temperatures up to 170ºC.  Applications include valves, valve bodies and valve blades. Once cured these coatings can be machined to achieve tight tolerances. 

Platelets of glass bound by a range of resins provide durable coating capable of high resistance against acid, corrosion, erosion and temperatures ranging from -40ºC up to 170ºC.

Chemical barriers, are hi-tech two-pack chemical resistant coatings which are invaluable and highly successful for coating concrete and steel to privde protection against attack from most acidic solutions at tempertures of 200ºC dry and 60ºC wet.

Epoxy ceramics are a very effective barrier to protect against erosion and corrosion and they excel at dramatically reducing viscous drag by eradicating surface roughness providing a smooth and energy efficient surface.  Specifically designed efficiency coatings can give up to 8% efficiency improvement without altering the fluid flow characteristics.  This offers a very short pay back time for the coatings to pay for themselves in the energy efficient savings they make.

Urethane coatings are able to offer many of the advantages of rigid plastic, metals, glass and ceramic coatings but have the added advantage of coating flexilibity.  The flexilibity avoids the possibility of the coating cracking in an unstable application and overcomes the movement caused by expansion and contraction of any component. We offer a range of polyurethanes that can provide protection to almost any substrate against the effects of corrosion, erosion, cavitation, abrasion and chemical attack.  They can be sprayed, poured, trowelled, grouted, moulded, brushed and cast.  The adhesion properties of polyurthanes linked with its versatility offers an engineering scope which is superior to that of many rigid coatings materials.  

 Applications include pumps, heat exchangers and valves.