Metal Sprayed Coatings

We provide a wide range of materials including steels, molybdenum, zinc, aluminium, bronzes, copper and their alloys, using the latest equipment and techniques. Metal coatings are applied for corrosion prevention, wear resistance, electrical conductivity and screening of electronic assemblies.

Zinc coatings provide a long life coating of 10-25 years in severe corrosive conditions with heat protection up to 200°C.  This coating is superior to galvanizing - without drain holes, drips and risk of distortion.  Typically zinc is used to protect structural steelwork, storage tanks, bridge sections, motorway gantries, pedestrian barriers, sluice gates, weed grids, sewage plants, offshore structures, cranes, mechanical handling equipment, architectural ironwork and many other fabrications.  The life of these coatings can be further extended by applying a suitable sealer, coloured sealers are available. 

Aluminium coatings provide a superior corrosion protection in sub-sea and saline conditions up to temperatures of 400°C. . Aluminium is typically specified for items requiring long term protection such as chimneys, flare stacks, hot air ducting, turbine exhaust systems, tested fixtures and other structures subject to high temperature corrosion.