Company Profile

Bristol Metal Spraying and Protective Coatings has been a leading specialist in the industrial coatings industry for over 80 years. The company is still owned and run by the founding family who are totally committed to pursuing a policy of excellence and versatility to meet the exacting demands on today's advancing technical specifications. The company is fully committed to both Health and Safety and protecting the Environment.

The company operates from a well situated large factory (36,000 sq ft) which is conveniently situated on the south side of Bristol with excellent access to the motorway network near the interchange of the M4 & M5.

We believe we are unique in the south west; being able to accomodate items up to 4m wide x 3m high x 20m long and up to 20 tonnes in weight.  We operate a large site with good access and considerable storage facilities.

BMS&PC employs skilled staff with many years experience in the application of a huge range of coatings to protect against corrosion, abrasion, erosion and for component reclamation and aesthetic finishes.

Our expertise includes; surface cleaning and preparation by abrasive blasting; hi tech  paint systems, anti-corrosion protection (onshore, offshore, subsea) and architectural finishes; chemical barriers; epoxy ceramics and efficiency coatings; glass flake; metal spraying of zinc and aluminium for anti-corrosion; Limpetite rubber coatings systems  A3 and PRC (brushable and sprayable); plasma and thermal sprayed coatings for abradable, wear resistant and heat reduction barriers; component reclamation of worn or mis-machined parts; sitework.

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